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Our Vision

We envision an all-inclusive society in which individuals 50+ live, thrive, and have a quality of life supported by systems, policies, technology, infrastructure, and resources that address their continuum of life needs.


Our Business

Dynamic Solutions for the Aging, LLC (DSFA) is a social enterprise in the health and housing industry that focuses on Aging and Community Development. Its home office is in Ward 8, the Southeastern quadrant of the District of Columbia. The company was established in 2007 and is a minority woman-owned small business with designations as a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE), Local Business Enterprise (LBE), and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in the District. The company also has a Federal classification as a certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB). DSFA provides business development, project management, education and training, communication and media products, and general management services to local and national organizations. The company's market spaces are Housing and Community Development, Health and Human Services and Administration, and Disaster Readiness, Relief & Resilience.


DSFA offers a combination of expertise and vision that allows the organization to address the challenges of a rapidly aging population strategically. The company is well-positioned to respond to the needs of public and private sector clients. DSFA has a track record of working in both areas, primarily through the creation of partnerships with key organizations addressing the aging population. These public-private partnerships allow DSFA to identify the most effective solutions for its clients, while also creating scale. Most importantly, DSFA has the capacity to fulfill the needs of an aging society and meeting the business and service objectives of its partners while producing comprehensive global solutions. 


Our Values


  • Evidence-based solutions and outcomes drive us: If there is no data or evidence to support our solutions, we don’t propose them. We help clients substantially increase their revenue while demonstrating sustainable growth through concrete measures (i.e., maximizing service performance, enhancing capacity-building efforts, generating evidence-based outcomes, and delivering services and products to scale).

  • The perspective of senior is relevant: We are committed to testing our concepts, products, and ideas with our senior stakeholders. We also listen to and for their perspective and find ways to integrate their voice and perspective into our solutions seamlessly.

  • Meaningful aging is intentional: We strategically plan for people to age in place and ensure states, cities, and communities are age-friendly and have high livability standards for seniors. A livable community is one that has affordable and appropriate housing, supportive community features and services, and adequate mobility options, which together facilitate personal independence and the engagement of residents in civic and social life.

  • Dignity and respect for seniors are standards: We do not tolerate ill-treatment, disrespect, or devaluing our key customer base. We only work with customers and businesses that commit to treating seniors with dignity and respect and creating products and services that will enhance their quality of life.








Dr. Katrina Polk


Sharita Slayton

Managing Partner

T'Neisha Turner

Community Influencer

Bri Hornberger

Design Research Associate


Dr. Jarfus Doswell

AI & Technology Systems Partner

Juxtopia, LLC

Errol Shorter

HUD Strategist Partner

Errol Shorter & Associates

Ashante' Yussuf

Architectural Design & Construction Partner

Prive' Demeure, Inc.

Paul Robertson

Branding Partner


Tia Blount

Business Development Partner

Saving Solutions

Dr. Leon Caldwell 

Real Estate Development Partner

Ujima Developers, LLC

Patrick Jordan 

Community  Development Partner

Heron Community Consulting Inc

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